The Joy of Motherhood

I have discovered that we all too easily complain about the difficulties of being a new parent and it’s all too easy to moan about the negatives, so I decided to write a page dedicated to the happiness, successes and joy I get from my baby day-to-day (I’ll try to keep the cheese to a tame cheddar) :

  1. Her beautiful smile
  2. She has gorgeous ginger hair and bright blue eyes
  3. She’s a healthy and happy baby (mostly!)
  4. She learnt to wave, and will often wave to the wall or in a room when no one’s watching
  5. Swimming successes: She swims underwater to me and the instructor; She jumped in from the side this week (from standing!)
  6. She MUST dance/bop to music (so cute!)… when music is on she must halt everything to boogie
  7. She loves looking at books and will bring you books (constantly), sit on my lap and make me read them
  8. She will reach her arms up for me to pick her up, just because I’m her mummy
  9. She smiles at me when I sing to her (not sure if she just thinks I’m crazy)
  10. She has started saying more and more words like ‘ball’, ‘milk’/ ‘mook’, ‘turtle’, the list is slowly getting longer*
  11. She shouts to ‘Grandad!’- hilarious
  12. She’s good at using one of those clever sippy-cups that’s like a real cup shape (you know what I mean!)
  13. She can walk! And although she’s steady now she still looks like a mini drunkard
  14. Anything we give her, be it a toy or a card or a leaf, it’s the best thing ever and we get an excited squeal or big teethy grin
  15. *update- when asked ‘What does the doggy say?’ she says ‘oof oof’; ‘What does the sheep say?’ she says ‘baa’; ‘What does the duck say’ she sort of quacks (very cute), and we’re getting there with cat ‘miaow’ and cow ‘moo’…! So clever for a 12 and a half month old (says the doting mother!)
  16. She does a really cheesy grin with squinty eyes… so cute
  17. She does the ‘tumble’ signs to Mr Tumble on TV
  18. I can’t get enough of her! She’s now in bed and I’m sitting here going through my photos and videos of her…
  19. Every day we have new words and she can count to 6 (in the cutest little voice!)
  20. She can now count to 10! (but often chooses not to and loves saying ‘FOUR’!)
  21. She says new words every day and every time I’m astonished and it just makes my day

List to be continued…

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