1 year blog-iversary!

Happy blog birthday to me! 🥳

I can’t quite believe I started writing this blog a whole year ago. But so much has changed and baby/toddler/twonager has grown so much.

Before I continue I just want to thank all of you who have stuck with me and read my blog (apologies for the recent radio silence- been mostly living life and sharing pics on instagram).

But I’ve been doing a lot to get back to me recently, which includes running a 10k ‘Race for Life’ (which I used to do nearly every year)-raising money for Cancer Research UK, and did so pretty comfortably, even in the baking 28 degree heat! Toddler and hubby even came to watch too and made the most of a sunny Sunday out.

These days of fun and normality make me think back to this time a year ago and how much I was desperate to find myself again through either fitness, or just having a bit of ‘me time’ after having a baby 8 months earlier. Starting this blog was part of all of that and I can safely say I would highly recommend blogging or even just writing down your thoughts, ideas and experiences to anyone. Even if no one reads this, I find the process extremely therapeutic and I think anyone who has had a child can relate to the idea of getting your own identity back. Even more so if you decide not to go back to work or, as in my case, don’t have the choice.

So today’s blog is a celebration. Of all the joys having a child can bring and how it changes your life for the better. But also a celebration of getting your identity back, be that emotionally, physically or otherwise.


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