‘I could have danced all night’…but being ‘mummy’

Worse than discovering that you’re the ‘mummy’ of the group is embracing that you’re the mummy of the group. I went out last weekend with one of my best friends and all her ‘hens’ for her hen weekend and I had as much fun as I did back when we were at uni where we first met (…ahem… years ago). The only difference this time is that I found it hard to sleep when we got back to our accommodation both nights as my head was wired to thinking about toddler and then waking up at 7am (just a few hours after getting in!).

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Photo by Alem Sánchez on Pexels.com

The weekend away felt like I had turned back time for just a bit and was with my girls just letting my hair down, but this time being introduced to new friends as ‘a mummy’. I felt a sense of pride and so happy that I have achieved not just a career or a husband but also have created a whole new human. I know for some it isn’t so easy and I do sometimes take for granted how lucky we are but I felt so happy to be having such a good time with my girls as well as having toddler being looked after at home by her daddy and grandparents.

This was only the second time I’ve been away from her overnight (this time 2 nights) but it felt quite different. I felt so much more confident leaving her with the grandparents and I was going out to support my bestie in the run up to her wedding, the biggest day of HER life. So much pride all round really. None of the stress around the weekend (I’m one of the bridesmaids so involved with the whole organisation…!) could get in the way of how happy I felt. And then words can’t describe how happy I felt when I got home to my toddler.

The realisation of being mummy of this ‘hen’ group came at the stage of the Saturday night when we were all dancing downstairs on the tiny dancefloor of the restaurant and there were some drunk men ‘patrolling’ the dance floor, basically looking for unsuspecting drunk girls to grind against or to separate from the group, so I decided to ‘accidentally’ spill my Prosecco over a few of them (oops!) and then body block the group- pointing them out to all the girls so they could avoid the weird ones. It might sound a bit much but it was funny and no I didn’t get chucked out because of it (thank goodness!- the bride would have been very annoyed!). But it’s as if my protectiveness kicked in and I wasn’t going to let any idiots spoil our night. We danced the night away and got back to the flat in time for a few hours sleep (sensibly) before the morning’s activities.


I don’t know if this realisation is what made me do it, but this week I purchased… wait for it… my first ever ‘Olay’ product- a ‘firming’ face moisturiser. At the (fabulous) age of 31 I have finally given in to gravity and age and my face knows it!* I can’t believe it has taken me this long to move on from the ‘Simple’ products and I probably should have started using the more substantial moisturisers as soon as I had baby… but I’m kind of loving the smell of it (which also makes me think of my mum) and I just hope it’s not all a scam and actually takes away the bags and saggy bits. (Please!)

But back to the party at the weekend: the idea of being the ‘mummy’ of the group still brings up images for me of frumpy skirts, cardi’s and being older and a bit cuddly round the edges (with a bit of Olay moisturiser chucked in). But I certainly wasn’t the oldest in the group and I think my skirt was more of a ‘mini’ than a ‘frumpy’. When we were out I felt fab (the running has really helped with my body image-see last blog) and the main reason I felt this way was the protective side and caring for my besties.

I may well be the mummy of the group now but I will only embrace it and be ‘cuddly mummy’ for one person, my toddler.

*If my husband is reading this, it is all natural… honest!

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