‘Everything’s coming up roses…’

Spring is here! Which means (slightly) warmer weather(?) flowers making an appearance and… perfect running conditions! Hurrah!

alpine plant bloom blossom bluebells
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thanks to hubby’s work schedule, I get a lot of mornings to go out and pound those pavements to my hearts content (or as far as my legs will let me). I’ve mentioned my running in previous blogs and the ways that it helps me psycologically, but this time, recently I’ve been going out at least every other day, doing at least 5-6km and feeling a fitness level which I’m really happy with. Fingers crossed I’ve also managed to avoid any (major) injuries- I used to get these all the time which would set me back a few weeks after building up the fitness.  But this time I think I’ve managed to find the perfect combination of good trainers and building up my fitness gradually. Granted I get tight calves after running a few days in a row, but nothing a good stretch, deep heat and foam rolling can’t fix.

I would highly recommend running, if you are physically able, to everyone. Even starting from the basics all you need is a pair of slightly springy shoes and a bit of time. Be that 10 mins to start with and increase by a couple of minutes each time or every other time you go out, in no time at all you’ll find yourself running for half an hour, even 45 minutes straight. Then the speed comes and as your fitness levels increase, you can push yourself even harder. I was surprised at some of my speeds last week. I found without really thinking about it I was going easily 10secs/km faster than I was running a couple of months ago. This might not sound much but trust me, to keep running at this speed without slowing or stopping, you really feel it afterwards. Sometimes this seemed to be because I had a little less time in the morning as hubby had to get to work for a matinee day, but even when I’d plan to do a slightly shorter run I was still going faster than I thought without even really trying or thinking about it. I’ve really been feeling in rhythm with myself and as fit as my pre-pregnancy body (yay!). When I put this together with a banging playlist on the earphones and I’m on my own in the park or focussed on a certain route, I really feel pretty amazing.

The only problem I’ve found is that the days that I don’t go for a run and get my space, I feel pretty sluggish and I’m not quite my best-self.

Running really helps me get my adrenaline and endorphin kick in the morning and it sets me up for the day ahead being a mummy and giving my all to Toddler. She definitely gets the best of me when I feel at my fittest. I even feel like leaving the house more with her and little things like not minding chasing after her on the grass when she gets obesessed with finding and kicking a football around for (what feels like) hours!


I just want to thank hubby so much for that hour in the morning when I get this time to do my running and fingers crossed his schedule doesn’t change too much!

The fact that putting all the hairclips in her hair and her ‘SHOOSHH’ (shoes) are giving Toddler joy at the moment, as well as helping me roll out the tight muscles on my bright orange foam roller after I get home from a run, means we’re all in a happy place.


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