‘What’s Inside’

Mumma’s night out. It’s exactly a year (crazy?!) since I last went to the theatre- with the hubby to see Hamilton in the West End. But this night out was on the next level- I was invited to the press night of ‘Waitress the Musical’ followed by after party. This night has been planned for a while now (probably since Christmas) so it was a big deal for me and hubby’s parents came all the way down from East Yorkshire to babysit Toddler. We even booked a hotel room, right near the venue (luckily just around the corner from the party venue!) so that we could just stumble into bed and make the most of the whole night without having to worry about disturbing anyone at home by getting a cab at 3am and bunking in with Toddler in her room.

One of the reasons I was excited about this show in particular (regardless of the fact that hubby works on the show) was because I have been listening to the soundtrack for a long time now. I’ve always been a fan of Sara Bareilles’ music and even have some of her piano sheet music so I could learn the songs (such as ‘Love song’ and ‘Gravity’) to her beautiful lyrical music. So as soon as I knew she’d written the songs for a show on Broadway, I was streaming the soundtrack immediately. The story is based on the film ‘Waitress’ about Jenna, a waitress and pie maker in a pie cafe and finds out she is pregnant . The story goes deeper than this but the music was where I found my connection. When I started looping the soundtrack this was before I even knew I was pregnant- so we’re talking nearly 3 years ago, and then when I was pregnant the words resonated even more and the emotion behind the story really touched me. The show opens with the song ‘What’s Inside’ and the lyrics are talking about pies and Jenna’s mother, but also representing Jenna herself and what was to be inside her, her unborn child and her feelings towards her whole life. Then the lyrics at the end of the show, ‘Everything changes’- “Today’s a day like any other But I am changed I am a mother….. And who I was has disappeared”, and the sentiment behind Jenna’s letter to her unborn baby really helped me connect more with the idea of having a new life after baby and think how lucky I am to have her. (Not to the extreme extent that Jenna experiences- in actuality being pregnant is where our parallels end) But I embrace the idea that I will forever be a mother now and there are so many more important things in life than I’d experienced in the past. When I found out last year that the show was coming over to the West End this was even better and then for hubby to get a job on the show it was like the cherry on the ‘pie’.

So the press night had been high on my agenda for a while and there was no way I was going to miss it. Even the fact that Toddler had a cold last week and gunky eyes wasn’t going to stop me! I knew she would be in good hands with Grandma and Grandad, and I was well prepared (showing my control-freak, neurotic side) by making and typing up her day routine and bedtime routine as well as making sure they knew where everything was in the house that they needed the day before.

The night was awesome- I got ready in the hotel room and felt like I was turning back time by getting my hair straightners and fake lashes out. I even saw people from past jobs and felt like it was back when I went to these type of things fairly regularly. The show was exactly what I’d hoped* but I had to really hold back the tears through the whole 2nd act. I just kept thinking to myself ‘I’ve listened to this soundtrack hundreds of times- get over it woman!’ But it is different seeing it performed onstage live and feeling the whole story.

My feet killed by the end and I wish my heels hadn’t been so high, and the few glasses of champagne made me blurry the next day, but it was all worth it.

I woke up the next morning just wanting to get back to Toddler. Although my old colleagues were having fun and the celebs looked like they were living their best lives, I actually thought ‘I have so much in my life’. I used to go out a lot and go to all the press nights possible- getting glam was the ‘norm’ almost. The novelty of a night like this was really fun and I’m so glad it was to see a show and people that I admire, but a lot has changed in my life. I know now that there is so much more to life and my husband and baby are mine and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now… what show shall I see next year?!

* not an ad or a review but I would highly recommend this show, whether you’re pregnant, had a baby or neither

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