Take me to my beach…

Half Term hols- With a 16 month old you sort of have to follow the term times of the older children already. Especially if you go to any ‘clubs’ or groups (like swimming or Tumble Tots which our toddler goes to), and if you have any older relatives who are school age- Toddler’s cousins are 3, 10 and 11. So with hubby having another busy week at work, Toddler and I planned to drive up to Lancashire to stay with my Brother’s family and have fun with my 3 nieces and sister-in-law. So once again we are faced with a long drive (at least 5 hours with a stop)… or so we hoped. All was fine up until after our stop at the M6 Toll services (gotta love that road)… we got to the roadworks on the M6 and then suddenly there was a stand-still traffic jam. I felt optimistic at first and thought we’d get moving soon… but after half an hour of just creaping along I decided to phone the hubby. Turns out there was a massive collision up ahead of us with petrol spill, so the road was ‘closed’ and we just had to wait. Sat Nav had already tried to take us off the motorway before this but I was stuck on the separated lane on the road because of the road works. I could literally cry thinking about it, because I could have avoided it all way back there but I was stuck in that lane and then stuck in the traffic before the next junction. After an hour of sitting there I finally got to the next junction and took a detour until I could get back on the clear motorway. Another frustrating thing is that other cars were whizzing past me down the hard shoulder (which I think is illegal and dangerous)- why do they think they are better than everyone else to just do that?! I’m on my own with a 16 month old, who was being very good as it happens, and I’m not doing anything stupid just to save time!

I tell you what was a life-saver though, Winnie the Pooh on DVD- I don’t know how frustrated and bored Toddler would have got without that!

So we finally got to my Brother’s lovely new house (7 hours later…) exhausted… but a fun week ahead of us.

We had some really great days, but my favourite must have to be the beach. Yes it’s February, in the North West of England and can you believe it, it was warm enough for us to get ice creams and our feet out on a sandy beach! For us it was another first- Toddler’s first view of the sea and sand! Sadly daddy missed out (sad face) but we took lots of photos and the girls had an amazing time. The main challenge was getting the pushchair onto the beach, but we managed it and promptly took our shoes and socks off (jumper still on I might add). The sand was pretty cold so Toddler wasn’t completely sure to begin with, but after a bit she was toddling around with the others and having a wonderful time. She even did the classic tasting of the sand… hilarious as she started spluttering it out. Impossible to stop that from happening, but eating sand is a rite-of-passage isn’t it?!


Her first view of the sea was a bit earlier in the day when the tide was in and she sort of fast-toddled towards it with me careering up behind having to grab her and stop her running straight in as the waves came up, further than we all expected! The cousins had much more experience of the sea and Toddler didn’t have a clue what was happening, so there were a few tears… but she loved it by the end!

I cant wait for the summer when we go away again and daddy can be there to enjoy the whole experience too.

I’m just grateful for such a wonderful week with family and I can say wholeheartedly that the memories made and the fun we had totally made the long journey worth it. I just wish we lived 5 hours nearer!

We love you guys xxx


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