Happy New Year!

As I come downstairs after about the 5th time of having to settle my coughing baby during her nap, I think how criminal it is that babies pick up every bug, germ and virus and how much we suffer the consequences. Baby has had her second cough/cold of the season right over Christmas… typical.

I then caught ‘it’ on Christmas Eve and have had mouth ulcers and a bunged up nose this whole week… attractive.

It was pretty inevitable actually. The more activities we did before setting off up north (including soft-play and a visit to Santa’s Grotto) meant we were in contact with a lot more germ-ridden babies than usual, as obviously even with just a ‘little cold’ it was fine for their parents to drag them out anyway…(?!) Why is it that even when we’re told to keep babies at home when they’re ill we still insist that they go out and mingle with all the other babies? Especially over the holidays. Clearly I would never do this. Would I?? The reason I feel frustrated is because at said ‘Santa’s Grotto’ while we were waiting outside, another toddler, probably thinking they were ‘playing’, purposefully ‘coughed’ right at baby… (the mum didn’t even say anything!?) and then inside, another parent had brought along their child who was ‘not contagious’ but still with the appearance of hand/foot/mouth illness (that thankfully we’ve managed to avoid until now as its one of the bugs that hits mainly nurseries…).

So now we have to put up with being woken (what feels like) every hour of the night and a snotty, coughing, clingy baby during the day, feeling sorry for herself and not eating her food… I roll my eyes constantly and I’m sitting here, so very tired with no taste buds left- no I can’t stop kissing my baby even when she’s snotting in my face and the cuddles are extra long. Trust me to catch the cold bug because I’ve let the cuddly baby take a few naps on me and snot everywhere. So much for enjoying all this Christmas chocolate we have lying around the house that I can’t even taste (obviously out of reach of baby…). At least while we hibernate for a week or two I can still enjoy all the films showing on TV and baby’s face as she’s experiencing everything for the first time.

So I wanted to wish you all a healthy AND happy New Year (emphasis on the healthy), while off I go to dab some TCP onto my tongue and swirl warm salt water around my mouth.

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