‘We’re all going on an…Autumn…holiday’- Planning a break with a toddler.

Before I get into the next blog, thought I’d take you back to the 1 year injection results…

So day 11: she was a bit out of sorts again but I was encouraged by her excited noises of ‘ooh’ and ‘oh’ reading her bedtime story…- boy I was wrong to be ‘encouraged’… she woke every hour of the night… hubby and I took alternate ‘get ups’ without having to say anything (I love it when these silent agreements work out).

Day 12: Spots/rash all over her torso. (Textbook –typical, baby knows exactly what the red book says!) Out of sorts still. We braved the swings and the library, trying to keep covered up and no fuss of the spots. I used moisturiser on her before bed (not sure if that was the right thing to do?!) and I had a draft email in my head to send to the swimming teacher in the morning if they were still showing in the morning (didn’t want to worry all the other mums).

Day 14: Spots have cleared. Hurrah! (Hubby looked it up and thankfully the NHS guidelines say that the rash after injections are NOT contageous anyway!) It really was just a brief showing.

So now that we are all (seemingly) back to ‘normal’* we decided that after a year, we all now deserve a break to somewhere different and we have (finally) booked ourselves an ‘air bnb’ for 3 nights away this week. Obviously this isn’t counting times we’ve stayed with the grandparents on either side (which even then has only been a handful of times). But to have a break away just the 3 of us, feels like a pretty indulgent thing to do (even though we’re only driving 2 hours to do it!).

So having a little one somewhat limits us to what we wanted to do, easily, (we’re talking without stress). We can’t stay in a hotel, what with having to stay in the room when she goes to bed (dull!). And unfortunately baby is still too young to appreciate or make the most of anywhere like Centre Parks or the like (I can’t wait to go on those fun trips!). So a house/cottage short stay will have to do. We also didn’t want to drive too far, as spending a whole day in the car/train/plane pretty much defeats the point of a ‘holiday’ doesn’t it?- We drew a 2-3 hour circumference line around where we live and decided where looked ‘nice’ or where we haven’t been before.

activity adventure blur business

We also didn’t want to go abroad, A) because we’d have to buy a last-minute passport for baby, B) travel time, and C) money. Hubby already had these few days booked off work, so no matter what happened, we at least had some free days to play with, but to go away, just stay anywhere different from this house, makes it feel a little bit more special. A bit different. A change is as good as a rest… or so they say? Not sure how true this can be with a baby/toddler? Are we not just doing the same things as always, only in a different location? As I’ve said in previous blogs, it is great to at least try and shake up the routine from time-to-time (even though I still find this a challenge). It helps keep us all sane and if baby isn’t sleeping so well, it might just tire them out with different things to see and do in the day, giving them lots to mull over and learn in their (long) sleep (or so we hope!).

So we have booked it and if all goes to plan, we also hope to see a couple of family members (who have yet to meet baby) while we’re there. We’ve written off the money, justifying it by the fact that we havent actually paid for a break for ourselves for nearly 2 years and we obviously deserve it! I’m even finding the packing quite exciting(!) just a couple of days to go. Lets just hope baby plays ball and doesn’t moan too much or give us too much broken sleep. I mean we’re tired enough already. And she must know it’s a holiday right?!

Now back to the packing!!

high angle view of shoes
Photo by Lum3n.com on Pexels.com

*Think I spoke too soon when I originally wrote this as she now has a horrible cough 😦

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