‘A Spoonful of Sugar’, helps the dreaded 1 year injections…

I’ve spent some of the last week messaging the other NCT mummies, finding out from the ones who’ve already been, how the jabs have affected their little ones. They didn’t seem to have much to report, which was either reassuring or a lie. It now seems pretty apt that baby’s jabs fell over Halloween- The anticipation was indeed worthy of the outcome…

So Tuesday was the fateful day, so we tried to do something nice with baby in the morning to balance out the pain that was to come in the afternoon. Plus daddy was going to be at work when we had to go for the appointment, so I was up for anything to distract us/me mainly from what was to come later. So we went shoe shopping…baby is a big-foot at size 5f so straight into big-girl shoes!

Anyway, back to the task in hand and baby and I’s book-reading session in the waiting room was rudely interrupted by the nurse calling us in.


After a blur of needles (4!) and crying and leg swapping and trousers, we are sent on our way to deal with the consequences.

So the days following pretty much went like this:

  • First evening (Tues, appointment was at 15:30) wasn’t too bad, apart from finding a scratch (which the nurse failed to mention at the time) going to one of the injection holes (how to make a bad thing worse- poor baby!), and then before bed she got a temperature..
  • Day 2 (Wed): Temperature still in the morning so calpol was our saviour, pretty moany and clingy all day and off her food. Injection points tender and getting bruised.
  • Day 3 (Thurs): Friends over in the morning (good distraction), so she seemed a bit better. Then took her for a long walk to avoid being moaned at all afternoon. Still pretty moany and off her food again. Then that evening, she vomited- I heard a wretch from our bedroom, ran in, put the big light on and found her sitting up in her cot, vomiting onto her sleep-bag- my instinct was to put my hand under(?!)… eww… the things we would do for our babies…
  • Day 4 (Fri): Clingy and pale still and very cuddly after her long nap. Still off her food- we had a plastic bowl close by all day in case of vomiting (new fun toy)… but we were ok. Then that evening it’s the ‘go up ten times before she’ll settle to sleep’ scenario. I would suggest not going up every time they cry, but the girl knows how to get my attention- chucks her dummy (literally) out of the cot.
  • Day 5 (Sat): Seems to be eating a bit more today, especially this evening but will the moaning never end?! All day! Arghh! I have a feeling some of it is teething too, although she already has 14 teeth, she thinks more are necessary at 1 year old…?! This weekend we’re now also competing with fireworks going off all around the houses- I’m checking the monitor screen with every pop and crash. I think I might dive into the stronger stuff this evening…*
  • Day 6 (Sun): Much better day (less of me having a nervous breakdown)- baby a bit less moany and I had more time to spend with her. Still not eating normally, maybe 70%. Less fireworks to contend with my nerves…
  • Gradual improvements so far and a strong return of the dancing and animal impressions (see ‘The Joy of Motherhood’ page)… I’ll let you know if this changes at a later date.

As per usual I call on my friend google (see my blog ‘Happy talk…’) but obviously no one can tell you how long this fresh hell will last…?! ‘Every baby is different’ (rolls eyes) and baby’s red book just says that symptoms could last up to 6 weeks! (They better not!) I assume if she doesn’t eat normally for a week we should see a doctor…? Will they look at us patronisingly once again and say ‘you know your own baby’ (now a toddler)…again? I really hope not.

The sad thing is, we do this to our babies to prevent them getting any worse illnesses and then we have to go through all this agony and feeling of guilt and questioning what we’re doing. Let’s just say that this week wasn’t the all-singing/all-dancing week that we usually entertain with and hope to give baby. My anxiety has gone back up a notch and I have this under current of  feeling that we’re taking a few steps back rather than forwards. But we’ll get there- I’ll keep running to stay sane but in the meantime I’ll crack open the choccies that hubby gave me to make me feel better on ‘vomit night’, despite the diet… well there could be worse things to crack open!


*(Most of day 5 was actually a bit of a blur as I was trying to make baby’s food for the week and then while making my lunch I burnt my hand on boiling soup straight out of the microwave, and crying that it was all pretty crap whilst being moaned at all day, which meant the wine felt like a suitable healer that evening… but we’re all still alive. Yay!)

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